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We have never seen a time in our lives where the entire world shares such pressure in our day to day lives. Our emotional fitness and the amount of stress we experience directly effects productivity and our whole of life satisfaction.

 The goal of Gayla’s work is to guide you to the natural abilities we all possess, and to help you onto the path of living a more fulfilled life.

Gayla is an author, clinical hypnotherapist and creative performance consultant trained to assess and treat individuals, couples, families and groups to help them toward positive career and life outcomes. She specializes in, but is not limited to working with people in the performing arts, using their craft to help unblock subconscious pain, while providing tools to get in and out of character in a mentally empowering way.

Gayla is well respected for her work in the emergency services, using subconscious methodology to release emotional trauma, providing empowering tools to support the safeguarding of their own mental health. She has been working in the area of emotional fitness with anyone from actors, musicians and families, to politicians, soldiers and the police force since 1999. Her work started with suicide intervention until 2002 when she became passionate about developing preventative programs.

Services & Webinars


Permission to Dance

Permission to Dance and Permission to Practice are both available in e-book, PDF and Paperback

To anyone struggling with fear, or insecurities, self-doubt or an overactive mind telling you in some way you are not okay, Permission to Dance was written for you.

Permission to Practice

Permission to Practice is more than a book; this is the course that changes lives from fear to freedom. Check out what’s inside.

2-Book Packages Available

During Covid-19 Gayla is offering a limited number of on-on-one consultations with the purchase of the 2-book program.

Conversations With The Author

Permission to Be Fabulously Female!

Permission to Be Fabulously Female!

Join us from 7:15-8:30pm Tuesday 20th April to June 22nd 2021. You will be part of a very unique weekly Girls Catch up and Get Sh!t Done sessions! Not for those who are afraid to take the next step into self-empowerment. Together we do whatever it takes to remember we...

5 Steps to Finding Your Pandemic Opportunity

5 Steps to Finding Your Pandemic Opportunity

From Great Challenges, Even Greater Achievements Have Come to Life If you want to scream when I say this time is one magnificent opportunity, that’s okay. I feel the same some days. Like today for example! I woke this morning and I see another day with one hour...

One Day I Decided Being a Saint Was Exhausting

One Day I Decided Being a Saint Was Exhausting

Hey do you know what I'm loving most about coming back to this work after 5 years of loss and grief?  I love being able to use headings like that and genuinely (finally), do not care who might feel the urge to judge me for it. Their bad if they decided to click on and...



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Mentally Sustainable Practice for Actors – Slave or A Rebel?

Mentally Sustainable Practice for Actors – Slave or A Rebel?

Hi All, I want to start this article by saying I so deeply respect the vulnerability and sheer strength of commitment and character actors demonstrate every time they step into an acting class, onto a stage or set, and not least of all, in the lives which are far less...

Can a TRUE Artist Really Avoid the Emotional Roller Coaster?

Can a TRUE Artist Really Avoid the Emotional Roller Coaster?

Hi All.. I want to talk about Holistic Success in the land of the Arts. The question is, Is it Possible? First we need to look at the stereotypical view of the Artistic life. And then I want to share with you what a crap concept it is to buy into if you want to know...

People Are Talking

Gayla entered my life at a crossroads when I needed help processing a form of anxiety. Her work was trans-formative. She offers a gift to anyone looking to unlock their best self.

I was, (and continue to be) profoundly impacted by the work I did with Gayla.

Elliott Costello

Founder of Ygap

Permission to Dance is more than a book. It is a much needed, very practical and playful course in life, few were ever taught but all of us needed! Vulnerable, heart warming, and deeply inspirational.

Catherine Mercer

Written, exquisitely, Permission invites the reader to consider life’s big picture, some self-review and it offers unique ideas and exercises to keep the spirits soaring!

Dr. Danny Beran

I have used Gayla’s services numerous times throughout some very challenging times in my life and what a GIFT she has been!

I honestly don’t  know how I would have gotten through some of those times without her knowledge, and honest, caring, enlightening words of wisdom and counsel.

Gayla walks the talk and is definitely someone who is approachable and REAL.  She is genuine and authentic and can bring humor to the darkest situations whilst not belittling your struggles.

I highly recommend Gayla to anyone if they want someone who will dig in with you. Someone who completely relates because she has been there and done that too.

Kim Craig

Previously I would give my power away in intimate relationships, creating situations where I felt I was dependent or less than they were. Now having worked with Gayla for the past 3 months, I’ve learned how to access the part of myself that in fact loves creating a more positive state of mind for myself, and loves creating the happy relationships that I now enjoy through practicing some of the skills she has taught me!

Gayla said to me from the first time we met that it isn’t meant to be painful. I’ve found that if anything, now self-development in all its forms is really quite a lot of fun because I’m doing it from a different mindset. Now I find myself almost feeling a sense of urgency to seek out a good challenge rather than avoid them in fear because each challenge now really does feel like an opportunity to practice and see the tangible changes that I’ve made in myself.

It’s like, together through the lessons and comprehensive techniques applied, together we uncovered the strong, independent REAL me!

From nurturing my soul with new relaxation techniques and using each so called ‘obstacle’ as my practice ground to observe the opportunity to acknowledge myself and to grow further, my life is changing from the inside-out. AS I practice without criticism these healthier thought patterns and the positive practical exercises she gives me, I’ve learned to become mind, body and spirit empowered and I’m loving the process as much as the results.

J. Griffiths