Permission to Dance


The Life-Changing Guide to Releasing Self-Criticism, Letting Go of Unrealistic Comparisons and Experiencing the Power of Self-Love.

Available in eBook or Paperback

Do you spend valuable time second guessing yourself, comparing or criticizing yourself? Now is the time to learn the gift of self-love and power that comes when we discover who we really are.

Permission to Dance has this long subtitle because that is exactly what is inside these pages. Gayla Maxwell writes with absolute honesty about her own struggle to give herself permissions, but recognized she was far from alone in this ongoing battle to find self-acceptance and self-love.

She shows you the power you possess when you learn how to let go of negative mind chatter and embrace the truth about who you are by nature.

What’s In this ‘Dance’

Permission to Dance, The Life-Changing Guide to Releasing Self-Criticizm, Letting Go of Unrealistic Comparisons and Experiencing the Power of Self-Love is not another self-help book that promises to unveil the secret which will have you richer, fitter, younger and happily married in seven days.

Permission is a way of living. And if not now, in these crazy times of Covid-19, political conflict and worldly madness, when will you choose to find out where your real power lies?

Permission is  a foundation upon which to discover who you are without judgment or ridicule, taking the guilt and guru out of personal consciousness. The aim of this book is to remind you how to live true to what you actually knew all along: You rocked up here for a reason, more likely billions of reasons, and you have everything you need in and around you at any given moment to make the most of each and every one. Even now!

Yours is the approval you’re looking for.

Yours is the love that will bring you peace.

You are enough. Everything is going to be okay.

We forget – so we need reminders because there is a world out there pretty hell-bent on telling us the opposite to these truths. So we can be forgiven for forgetting!

Permission is simple, yet challenging, gentle yet confronting, playful yet powerful. In our busy chaos we make life complicated. In our quiet wisdom we find clarity, ease and the world seems to make a lot more sense.

The philosophies found in these pages are far from new. In these times of best-selling motivational books, and webinars, most people have at least heard the idea that within us there is  an unlimited power. We know self-love is the pathway into that power. However, examples of those who bring this true and unlimited fundamental nature into their day-to-day lives are significantly harder to find!

Subtly and not so subtly we are taught to look outside in search of something or someone to follow or to “fix” us rather than trusting and exploring the wisdom which is asking us just to stop, and listen to ourselves.

Permission proves you are exactly as you’re meant to be, the issue is only that you don’t know it yet!


Look what's inside

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