Permission to be FAB Webinar Series



In this 8-week transformational webinar series for women you will discover the freedom and power that is yours by nature. Join us Tuesday evenings 7:15pm-8:30(EST). "Permission" is the common word I hear every day from women in my hypnotherapy and coaching practice, and it is our OWN permission we seek. If not now, when?

You will enjoy a guided visualization and take home much food for thought. Who are you? Beyond any shadow of doubt... what power, untapped potential, passion and wisdom resides inside of you, really?

I see women in my practice every day and when we get them into a relaxed (trance) state, there has not been one, not ONE who has not shared fantastic insights and enormous clarity of purpose.

If you knew you were made perfectly in order to live out this life to the absolute fullest, what might that look like to you? If you could change any one thing in your life, what would it be? What if you knew exactly how to do that and enjoy the process?!

Together we will embark on a 8-week journey that will change the way you perceive your view of who you are, by nature.