Services & Programs

 Gayla Maxwell is trained and licensed in Clinical Hypnotherapy to assess, and treat individuals, couples, and groups to help them achieve more adequate, satisfying and productive lives, ensuring first and foremost a healthy awareness of the self-identity with themselves.

She has had over two decades direct experience consulting in the area of emotional well-being and the performing arts. In 1998 she was a Master Trainer in suicide intervention; training GP’s, emergency services and other first responders how to identify and support individuals at risk of suicidal ideation.

Gayla saw a need for preventative programs which at the time were very poorly funded. She developed and facilitated a series of programs for women relating to self-esteem, confidence building, core conditioning, and body image.

At no time have there been more pressures on us than there are today. Our health, happiness and productivity are directly related to the amount of stress and dissatisfaction in our lives. The goals of Gayla’s work is to help you get in touch with the natural abilities that we all possess, and to assist you in living a more fulfilled life.

The holistic Subconscious Mind Training (SMT) techniques she has developed go beyond hypnotherapy. Gayla teaches the client how to embed the new empowering beliefs into the body, and the language they use. These techniques have helped thousands of people discover their own unique abilities and bring more of what they really want into their lives. Gayla will help you understand the ways we limit ourselves and prevent joy and prosperity from manifesting in our day-to-day lives, while also providing the tools which change beliefs, behaviors and therefor outcomes. She uses proven emotional-fitness exercises that will allow you to remove negative patterns and self-limiting beliefs.

Gayla shares tools and techniques that you can take home and use immediately. Her insights and experiences related through non-judgmental communication and gentle humor, make the process an enjoyable and valuable experience.

Private Consults

Natural Solutions 


Offering natural solutions to people dealing with:


  • Fear, Environmental Depression and Anxiety
  • Subconscious Blocks to Success
  • Relationship Support
  • Work and Career issues
  • Stress Management
  • Unhealthy Eating Habits
  • Self-Esteem
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Conflict Resolution

Group Programs


   Personal Development Programs

Gayla offers a series of programs for individuals and groups. These are different to private Hypnotherapy or other services listed above in that they are guided by the facilitator to achieve certain understandings. Each class has a different theme. (With Services above, it is the client who determines where any session might need to go).   

Together in group or private classes we explore the keys to achieving your most empowered life. What brings purpose and meaning to your life? What causes you stress? How can you let go of fear and welcome the mystery of what may come. Learn to be in this moment, relaxed. Peaceful. At ease. Inspired. Excited. 

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Performing Arts

Specialized Offerings

Subconscious Mind Training for Actors (AMT) and Holistic Performance Success Therapy


  • Performance Anxiety
  • Stress Management
  • Positive Self-esteem
  • Building Confidence
  • Audition Support
  • Character Analysis

You are every dark character you could possibly play. You are every powerful character you could possibly play. Within you lies ALL possibility because you are all that.

What we do is help you find ALL of the many ‘parts’ within you so that you might not just use it as an actor or simply expand your imagination, but find it, own it, love it and heal or expand it. When you take the time to know yourself at this level, you can play any character fearlessly, with compassion, deep understanding and knowledge. 

You are the brave. You are the ones who tell the stories that help society witness itself. You put your heart and your mind and your body out there for all to see, scrutinize, judge and adore…So what about YOU. How are YOU?  Are you caring for YOU?

 You will learn to embrace humanity in all its forms. You will learn to even more deeply;

  • Accept your reason, your life purpose and every circumstance for it’s perfect opportunity to expand your craft and your true self.
  • Accept everything fate throws at you on your journey to being all you can be as an actor and as a human being.
  • Learn to use every situation, every so called ‘failed’ audition and perceived ‘rejection’ as opportunity
  • Ability to resist low level influence that will block your ultimate success including people and roles that don’t serve you, beliefs that limit you, and even foods and substances that block your natural ability
  • Learn to ‘fight’ with all your energy, with the sword of truth and holistic understanding, and without ego’s need for useless external approvals
  • Know where your strength and purpose really lies, and not get fooled by the egos of others, or your own