You Are ENOUGH – Designed to Perfection

My father used to say, ‘You’ve got 2 arms and 2 legs so you can do just about anything you set your mind to.” So here’s the update on that;

Nick Vujicic – No Arms, No Legs, No Worries

When I saw Nick Vijicic, I felt an instant draw toward him. He is charismatic. You want to hold onto his every word because his confidence and passion draws you in. If you don’t know him already, you have to see his story. Happily married, beautiful children, motivational speaker, INSPIRATION to all of us who might wonder if we have what it takes to make it in this world.

At the core of every lost dream and song missing in our world, is the lack of belief in its possibility, and the unfortunate belief that in some way we are not enough.

This belief is far more common than you might imagine. I’ve been doing clinical hypnotherapy for many years and the belief that in some way we are not enough is found at the core of most people who cannot seem to achieve their goals. For those who believe it to be fundamentally true about themselves, depression, anxiety and all forms of emotional imbalance is common.

Why are Artists More Effected?

In the Arts and Entertainment industries where comparisons are part of a day-to-day experience, this belief is easy to fall prey to; in fact I would say it is rare few who would not fall into it at some level. And it is too easy to assume you’re the only one who’s feeling inadequate. I assure you, most people are walking around with some kind of negative ideas about themselves – it’s just that as artists, you share it through your craft – which allows those hiding it to recognize themselves through you. So… THANK YOU for your courage and vulnerability!

Maybe you believe you’re not talented enough, not interesting enough, not pretty enough, slim enough, don’t have big enough boobs, not good enough, strong enough, lovable enough, or WHATEVER-ENOUGH…

The secret is to turn your ‘not enough’s and your ‘too much’s into; “I just AM!” Suddenly you will see your life begin to unfold in a very different and far more fulfilling way.

You have something only you can be sharing on life’s stage, and when you’re caught up in negative self-criticizing, comparing and judgmental self assessments, you close yourself off to exploring the fullness of what it is only YOU can offer.

Holistic Enough-ness

You have many things to share through your talents and gifts, but who you are being and the personal life story you’re writing is what you will care most about to the end of the show– and that is what will provide you holistic success.

What’s going on in your intimate relationships, friendships, finances, mental health, and whole of life is what decides whether you’re going to enjoy what it is you’re creating. You are the lead character in your life story. If you don’t take your rightful place, someone else will step in for sure, and you give away your opportunity to experience where that lead part should have gone.

You choose the characters in your story, and if you don’t like what you’re seeing, the only place to look is at the writer of the script. It isn’t always the popular paradigm, but it is the paradigm of holistically successful, happy, contributors to our world.

If we don’t like where we find ourselves, or what we’re contributing to the world, we have unlimited power to change it.

The first step in moving toward your ultimate life performance is finding out who you really are and proving to yourself you needn’t worry about being good enough because you were made to perfection to fulfill the life only YOU can fulfill.

The life, the roles you will attract, the songs you should sing, the audiences and friends and mentors you will attract are all within your power when you align yourself to that which feels most natural to you.

And if you don’t find out who you really are, the passion, talents, and gifts which contribute perfectly to living your own best life, I can absolutely promise you, there are plenty of clever opportunists out there who will be happy to exploit the crap out of your beautiful gifts, and use them to fulfill their dream life!

Play Your Part. Leave the Rest So We Can All Play Ours

None of us are ‘enough’ to be, and do, and know everything! Nor do we even want to! Yet we often strive to be something we’re not, do something we’re not cut out to do and if we really ask ourselves IF we even want it, the answer will more often than not be ‘no’.

Now is as good a time as any to dig a little deeper into that amazing, creative mind, that warm heart and that voice that whispers your purpose. We all have our part to play on this life stage. If you try to live a one woman/man show you’ll find yourself pretty lonely and frustrated at some point.

When we know who we really are, we learn that we are absolutely perfect for the role. We are more than enough. Courage is far easier to access. Hope and confidence become part of our natural personality. As this spills out from within, people feel it. They see it, sense and hear it. Confidence is attractive. Look at Nick Vujicic. No arms. No legs. But this man is attractive! He knows he can do anything which he has a deep yearning to do. He knows he’s unable to button up his shirt himself, so he accepts this with humility and his wife dresses him. He says this makes him feel love, not inadequate. He doesn’t need to do up his own shirt. He’s found his way around that. But nobody can do what he can do, in the way only he can deliver it.

And nobody can do what you can do exactly like you.

You are not normal. You are unique. And you are certainly, enough.

I’m interested in your thoughts! Please comment and share with others who might be interested to remember their relevance and value as a courageous artist.

Keep smiling under those masks!