Join us from 7:15-8:30pm Tuesday 20th April to June 22nd 2021.

You will be part of a very unique weekly Girls Catch up and Get Sh!t Done sessions! Not for those who are afraid to take the next step into self-empowerment. Together we do whatever it takes to remember we ARE, Fabulously Female.

This term is all about lifting the feminine energy. Together we will rediscover, and further ignite our authentic, natural power as women. This is about letting go of the voices in our heads, and listening to the wild wisdom in our hearts. We are so much more than we give ourselves credit and we can’t keep playing small in these tumultuous times. NOW is the time to step up and step IN, to the lives we came here to live and shine in!

We are amazing, and damn it we forget! What’s up with that?!

Come and receive an ever-so-loving kick up the butt, the virtual hugs and the subconscious mind training techniques that shift perceptions. Beat the mind chatter and the time wasting self-criticisms. If you’re anything like most women I see as clients, (and meet socially), a part of you knows you’re awesome, and then that shitty little voice in your head plants some ridiculous BS in there making you think you have no right to be so self-assured. Right?! You don’t need it. And the thing is, we need you!

Everyone joining us from the comfort of their own lounge rooms will be in the same boat in one way or another. Find the woman who hasn’t been conditioned to play small in some way or another, and you have found yourself one of the rare and beautiful UNICORNS.

Reignite and embrace the beautifully messy, divinely created, and unique gift to all of us, that is so perfectly you.


Permission to be FAB Webinar Series

I am Woman, Hear Me Roar

If not now, when?