From Great Challenges, Even Greater Achievements Have Come to Life

If you want to scream when I say this time is one magnificent opportunity, that’s okay. I feel the same some days. Like today for example! I woke this morning and I see another day with one hour allowance out of this little cottage and after 7 months in Groundhog Day, I have my days too. So I’m not suggesting opportunity is always obvious nor is it always easy.  I am however suggesting the greater the challenge, the grander the opportunity and we have the power to decide how hard we make it on ourselves.

In the Permission to Practice Life program starting in October I will share a lot more on the topic but it seems time now to to put out a few tools we can be using to ease the stress a little. We share the specific challenge of a world wide pandemic, conspiracy theories, fear and being isolated from loved ones. It might appear to be bleak.

Step # 1 – Know that What you Focus on Grows

The importance of focusing on possibility, hope, and what makes you feel happy is the first and probably the most important step in transforming fear based (limited) energy, into self-empowered and creative possibly. On the days this is the most challenging the task is to use your imagination to remember what you DO want, not what you do not want. If you only get as far as this first step, this one practice alone changes things in an instant – and has even greater long term effects.

Your Personal Pandemic Opportunity: I will often get my clients to do what I call TRANCE-scribing. It is a 5 minute writing game. The trick is, you set a timer for 5 minutes and you cannot stop writing until the timer goes off. Pen to paper. Pen moving non-stop. No looking up, down, left or right – you can close your eyes briefly but you have to keep writing. Most people focus only on the page in front of you, hold the intention of the question at hand, and you keep the  pen moving. You have one focused question to answer for yourself. In this case our question is: WHAT IS MY OPPORTUNITY IN THIS MOMENT.

You can write anything but you keep writing. No distractions. Alone in the space you’re in preferably.

Step # 2 – Embrace your Uniqueness 

Opportunities can come and go without us even noticing. In fact I’d argue that happens to most people every day of their lives. Certainly at the very least, the opportunity to become more self aware lives in every breath we take.

What I have discovered working with some of the most talented individuals is that they very often dislike what would open up a world of opportunities for them. I had one actress constantly berating her very rare beauty. She was not a classic glamour model. She was stunning in a very different way. We did some hypnotherapy work and discovered where she learned she would never make it as an actor because of her appearance. Since that day she has not only gone on to great success in her industry, she sees opportunity to use her unique looks and personality in so many moments day to day.

What you focus on grows. HOW you focus on it can work to your benefit or simply create more obstacles.

Step # 3 – Feed Your Mind Good Food – Make it Easier

Become aware of what you’re watching on the internet and on television. What are you reading? Who are you surrounded by? Do they focus on uplifting ideas or are they fueling fear-based (low vibration) thoughts and feelings?

To make step #1 And #2 easier, it helps to manage incoming stimuli. As you focus on what you want to be, feel, have in your life, your brain is busy retiring from expecting negative to positive outcomes. That takes repetition in the neuro-pathways. Incoming stimuli is all important in that process.

Is what you feed you mind mostly leading you toward what you do want or what you do not want? Positive or negative wiring. It’s a very interesting exercise. Watching comedy or something that increases a sense of calm, happiness, or creativity will support uplifting thoughts so they are able to start flowing more naturally. If you play guitar, watch a little Santana rather than the News. I am not suggesting we become ignorant. The interesting things is, the more you focus on uplifting content, you find out just how persistent the rest is. Don’t worry – someone somewhere will make sure you know what stage lockdown you’re in!

Step #4 – Practice Observation over Judgment – Conserve your Energy

Let’s face it, it is tempting to judge the polar opinions about what we should be doing right now. State by state, province by province, country by country – there are opposing opinions. I have mine and no doubt you have yours. The thing is, we can’t control one another’s thoughts. Trying to do so is exhausting, and it does the opposite of what your goal is here. As we stay stuck in the mud, fighting or what the world should be doing, we’ve lost our focus on what we CAN control; that is, our own attitude to what’s going on. Your attitude determines you experience of life.

Becoming more aware of your own thoughts, feeling and behaviors (as you will if you practice the steps above), it is important you apply the observation over judging rule as much as you practice it with your external world. You internal world is shifting as you practice and you will see patterns which do not serve you or others. That’s great!!  Celebrate –  don’t berate!

We can fast track Steps #1, 2 and 3 by sticking to what we can control and assuming we will have those who agree with us and those who will not. Assume there will be those we find easy to be around and those we do not. Assume there are aspects of our own personality which could use some polishing up and that’s part of the human experience. Assume this time will pass one way or another and there will be more moments of challenge you can choose to drown or thrive in.

Our ability to observe rather than judge what is going on in and around us is energy management at its best.

Step # 5 – Never Give Up

It is said the only way to fail is to give up. As you practice the above steps, you will become conscious of the obvious opportunity you are no longer missing; the opportunity to become more self-aware. The snowball effect of that one things is unlimited.

Successful people step IN when the going gets tough. They never stop looking for the opportunity and that is why some people live life with a cup overflowing, and others see only the difficulties, struggle and drink from an empty cup. When we place our energy on the outside world that we cannot control, it’s exhausting! The more we practice, reprogram and focus on what lifts our spirits, the easier it gets to see opportunity rather than struggle.

One Step at a Time. That’s how we do it. One thought, one shift in focus, one choice, one minute at a time.