As an artist, a sensitive creative person living in these times of Covid-19, social unrest and polarizing politics; how do you keep shining on? And why is it more important than ever? Hasn’t that first half of 2020 knocked us awake?! Okay some of us. All I know for sure is that I can no longer hide from even the most minuscule detail of my life purpose. It has been made abundantly clear I had to come back to working with emotional fitness for those who feel life deeply and care about our society. My hope is that if you’re reading this, you’ve also been feeling something is pulling at you to step up and step INTO your most powerfully creative self. But for so many it is a hard slog. You wouldn’t be alone if you’re wondering when this will end, and how. I saw an ad on television the other day for a car company and the tag line was, Hang in. This won’t be forever. You’ll be back on the road again.” I found myself wiping a little tear from my eye, weeping at a car commercial. Some creative minds at an advertising company knew exactly what to say to transport me into their world on a day I needed to remember, this too will pass, and I am part of something – that is, I am not alone in my feelings today. It will pass! That’s what sensitive people know how to do. Unite. Connect. Care.  And it is important to note we can do that because we can empathize, and often know first-hand what being alone feels like. What long term isolation feels like even when the rest of the world is functioning as per normal. Remember you need to be nurtured sometimes too. Yes, we will be back on the road. But in the meantime, we sink or swim. If you’re sinking, connect with someone who will lift your spirits. We need one another, so get on your computer and Zoom or Facetime or use whatever means you need to see another loving living human being who gets you! I know when I’m not in my happy place sometimes I am still tempted to hide, because I’m expected to be happy, and much prefer it! But my nearest and dearest have persevered, helping me release some BS persona, giving myself permission to debrief, cry, need someone, and maybe have a little ticked off rant about what I’ve been allowing myself to focus on which probably isn’t in my best interest to focus on but because I’m feeling crap, I’m focusing on crap which I know will make me feel more like crap but…. And so the cycle goes. If you’re not doing okay, reach out to someone you know will help you break the cycle of self-destruction, because you deserve to feel okay, and we need you. We just can’t ignore whatever it is which has brought this perfect shitstorm into our lives at this time. It all seems too perfectly orchestrated to force us into self-reflection – and I truly believe the creative minds of the world are being called to stand in their power, louder than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. It excites me I’m here to witness this urgent call to attention on our shared planet, and yet if I’m completely honest, it scares me just a little that we need to stay so strong, steadfast, and resolute enough to do what we came here to do; make a difference in these extraordinarily polarizing times – holding onto our sanity as we do it. I’m very conscious that if we forget to focus on what ignites our passion and ignore the possibilities on offer during this time, it will most certainly be feeling pretty hellish, and sadly we will be missing the golden opportunity isolation provides. The world can’t afford for you or me to do that. It feels pretty scary out there right now for sure. And don’t creative people feel it even more deeply than most! I get it, believe me!! But there’s good purpose for that heightened consciousness… It has always been the artists who can see the world as it could be, beyond how it is. Artists are particularly vital to us coming out the other side of this with new perspective and hope for a better way of being together on our shared planet.  It’s just not the time to let your light go out. It is too obvious to ignore how the arts and entertainment industries provide hope and unity when the chips are down. YouTube is filled with actors and musicians connecting to their fans in a way that has never been seen before, bringing hope and a sense of being more connected than ever. We’re also seeing a relatively new spotlight shining on the financial and mental health challenges which face people in the Arts. Something is shifting but the work is just beginning. The deal is, you have to keep the spotlight shining, and you know this too well; when you deny yourself contributing the natural gifts that rumble around in your belly until you feel like you’re going to burst, it not only negatively effects your sense of well-being, it also deprives the world of what only you can offer us. If you’re an actor – find a way to story tell on YouTube or TicTok, or discover your ability to write. If you’re a singer, sing, or find your ability to write songs. Write a whole damn musical! Dancers please dance and share it with us on the internet. You bring beauty and peace with your storytelling through movement. Painters paint – and paint our world in every color you see that we may not. (Apparently, we’re still struggling with the most basic Black and White as we’re seeing through the riots! Help us!) This challenging time can be an exercise in hopelessness, or a powerfully life altering awakening. This is the time to discover even more about who we are as a society, and therefore it begs us to look at ourselves as individuals within the society. If you are wasting away in fear, drowning in alcohol, Netflix and hooch, we need you to wake up, and get whatever support you need to remember how important you are, now more than ever. If you feel deeply and this phase of life is overwhelming you, please give yourself permission to get help. I know repeating yourself in print is a no-no but I have to say it again… The creative mind is critical to our society. We need you to do whatever it takes to ensure that beautiful mind is well cared for. So I’m curious…
  1. What are you doing during Covid-19 to care for and/or expand your mind?
  2. What have you been discovering about what you have to offer a new world?
  3. With your own wellbeing in mind; are you willing to put your own emotional, mental and physical wellbeing above your craft?
  4. Do you have anyone around you to be your emotional support? Connection is King.
The fact is, when you give yourself permission to take care of your own physical, emotional and mental health as a top priority, your gifts will only become more effortlessly accessible. Thanks for reading and allowing me to do what makes my own heart sing. I hope you will comment, share and spread the word with others who might need a reminder about their own importance during this challenging time. Stay connected to your community in whatever way you can. We need one another – we always have. It’s just so beautifully obvious right now. Drop us a line here and help build this community! We would love to hear from you. Until next time, please take care of you, and that beautiful mind. Gayla