Presented in pairs or small groups of 4-6 actors


These 4 x 90 minute classes are suited to actors, designed to offer powerful, emotionally healthy tools and sustainable practices which allow you to more deeply immerse in your performances; learning to move fearlessly both in character and in your whole of life.

What is AMT and Why Does it Enhance the Actor’s Performance?

AMT – Actor’s Mind Training, uses the subconscious mind, and assumes all human beings in their most natural state know exactly how to access any chosen emotion and behavior quite effortlessly. It is fear which causes poor acting, and pain by nature will cause fear.

The AMT priority is healing the actor’s subconscious pain barriers, emotional and/or creative blockages, addressing such issues as confidence, self-esteem and limiting self perceptions, thus allowing the actor to freely be whatever and whomever they choose in any moment with deep understanding, confidence, empathy and compassion.

AMT uses the craft as a therapy – providing a safe, judgement free environment with a trained therapist who teaches through mindfulness training how to more deeply understand and immerse in the character while having the skill, knowledge and ability to return to a more confident, self-aware and grounded individual.

Through this work the artist becomes more capable of taking on emotionally challenging roles as they use the craft to become more and more mentally and emotionally balanced, skilled, and prepared.

Facilitated by Gayla Maxwell, a clinical hypnotherapist with a background in performing arts. She is an author, a strong advocate for the importance of providing safe training environments, and the power of self-kindness.

*Please only register if you have good internet signal. For your own safety and well-being, it is important Gayla is able to see and hear you clearly. You will be invited to a 15-minute complimentary chat upon application to ensure this kind of work will be suited to you. Only 4 participants in any group. 

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