Gayla E. Maxwell       


My Story

“Whether I’m writing, facilitating a webinar or doing a private session, in my work I support individuals learn to let go of the thinking, habits, and subconscious beliefs which cause such things as creative block, depression, hopelessness and/or a feeling of being in some way different or separate. Watching people discover who they really are when they release past trauma or limiting life conditioning is a powerful thing.

I do this work because I am passionate about the importance of taking care of our mental health. It is something I’ve grown up with, having a mother who suffered environmental depression, which finally became clinical bipolar disorder after years of going without the right support.

I have made it my life’s study to understand how stress and trauma impact our state of mind and life outcomes. I have learned the power of the subconscious mind, and how our physiology effects our psychology.

In all my years working with people, unraveling subconscious blockages, igniting imagination and what is possible in their lives, I have yet to meet the person who was not in some way extraordinary. However equally consistent in my findings of my typical reader or client is that most are in some way perfectionists, often caring more for others than themselves and often prefer to put their career or external goals such as family, their artistic endeavors, lovers or friends above their willingness to really care for their own well-being. They tend to have anywhere from one to all of these ingredients. If you resonate with this, you’re in the right place.

The intention of all my work is to support individuals to effortlessly access the power we all possess to facilitate positive change within and around ourselves.

We can let go of past trauma. The past is not the future, unless we hold onto it. Most people were never taught how to release it so we must learn. Enormous power lies in our beliefs – most of them hiding in the subconscious mind. We must unravel who we really are if we are to go beyond surviving these extraordinary times, but to thrive in them.”



From training GP’s in suicide intervention skills, working with major companies including BMW, to now specializing in mastering whole of life performance Gayla has extensive knowledge and experience in helping people overcome creative blockages; building healthy self-esteem, confidence; overcoming self-doubt, fear and anxiety; and how to attract mutually supportive relationships.


Beyond theories, philosophies and sharing their stories, people need the “HOW TO” practical steps to facilitate real and sustainable changes in their lives.


For over 25 years Gayla has been studying, teaching and using her practical approach to facilitating positive mental health practices. Life coaching, holistic counseling, suicide intervention, NLP, creative coaching, relationship counselling, self-esteem and clinical hypnotherapy have been her more formal training, however her approach is based on an intuitive fusion of any, and all modalities, depending on the client’s needs

With humor, vulnerability, and wisdom, Gayla Maxwell demonstrates how you can effortlessly release the fear and self-doubt that limit you while allowing self-acceptance, compassion and laughter to lead the way through the process of discovering true freedom.

With her down to earth approach, Gayla demonstrates that life and all its ‘perfect challenges’ need not be the hard work we’ve been conditioned to believe they are. In fact, they are the ‘gold’ which lead the way to new and more positive outcomes in our lives. She believes through becoming more aware of the power of your subconscious beliefs, we can shortcut the chaos and get to the ‘good stuff of life’.

Two Books. One Course. It All Starts with Self-Acceptance. With a Little Commitment it Ends with Self-Love

We are living in unprecedented times of escalated fear, judgment and uncertainty. In Gayla’s books, Permission to Dance and Permission to Practice – you are guided to give yourself permission to be all that you are by nature, letting go of what limits you, and creating the life you choose rather than life’s external influences might choose for you.

Using the analogy of ‘dancing’ in life, she helps you understand why you might be so self-critical and how you can release it, one step at a time. You discover why you’re attracting the ‘dance partners’ you are currently attracting and if you don’t like them, how to painlessly move away from them, but not a minute before you’ve learned all you can from the dance you share.

Permission to Dance teaches you how to use each moment to let go of judgments and replace it with observation which Gayla says is one of the most important steps in the dance of freedom.